Thursday, February 10, 2011

thAt whispEr

i dOn't knOw whO whispErEd.bUt i hEard it aLmOst evErydAy.teLLing me tO be caLm and reLax.nO mAtter whAt happen aftEr tHis,i hAve tO be caLm and accept the fAct.FACT!!! hOnestLy,i reaLLy hAte tHis wOrd.i try tO accEpt bUt i cAn't.i jUst nEed sOmeone tO caLm me bAck.i wAnted tO cry bUt nO tEars came out.hmm...i jUst wAnt bAck my smiLe,my lauGh,my hEart and my sOuL.i wAnt the oLd me!!!

-->sOmetimEs thAt whispEr tOld me the gOod nEws and sOmetimEs bAd nEws.i jUst hOpe the gOod nEws.

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